Viaterra Cycling Frame Bag - Black

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Introducing our Cycling Frame Bag, the perfect companion for avid cyclists who need convenient storage solutions while on the road. This sleek and durable bag is specifically designed to fit securely on your bicycle frame, ensuring easy access to your essential items during your rides. Whether you're commuting to work, embarking on a long-distance journey, or exploring off-road trails, this frame bag is built to keep up with your active lifestyle. You'll find designated pockets for your phone, keys, energy bars, wallet, repair tools, and other small accessories. The Cycling Frame Bag attaches securely to your bicycle frame using adjustable straps, ensuring a snug fit that won't interfere with your cycling experience.Experience a clutter-free ride while knowing that your belongings are secure and protected.
What's included with the product?
Frame Bag - 1 No

Material Specifications:

Capacity: ~ 2L  

Weight: ~ 1.8L  

Zippers & Pullers: 

Only genuine YKK™ sliders and zipper tape is used in all our products. You can check the underside of the slider for the embossed “YKK” logo. Original 3M Reflectives: 

We use genuine 3M™ Scotchlite™ retro-reflective tapes (reflects light back to source with minimum scattering) that helps improve visibility under low light conditions so that your safety is enhanced. 


We source these from certified ISO vendors who manufacture from virgin plastics rather than recycled plastics for optimized performance. Webbing: 

Tough, tear-resistant polyester webbing used all through 


We use Nylon-6 thread in our products – this is much stronger than polyester thread.

Molle loop based system for easy mounting & unmounting

Long edge: 34cm, Wide edge: 6cm, Height: 15cm