Enduristan ROK Straps – 500-1500mm

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The best straps for tying down luggage on your bike! Period!

Product Description

ROK straps are an innovative strap system, meant for tying down luggage to your bike. The straps contain no metal, and feature two parts to each strap – a heavy duty elasticated section, and an adjustable strap section. Both sections have a buckle and strap end that can be used for securing the straps to the subframe, passenger handles etc. and a quick release fastener in the middle. Once joined together and tightened, the elasticated section remains under tension ensuring that your luggage doesn’t budge.


Heavy duty elasticated section that keeps the straps under tension
Contains no metal components
Enduristan branded

Product Specifications 

Colour: Black
Length: 500-1500mm

What’s in the box?

ROK Straps x 2