Viaterra Roost Offroad Motorcycle Glove Chilli Red

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Comfort, Grip, Feedback, Breathability and Protection. The Roost is a purpose built off-road motorcycle glove. With this glove we have addressed the critical requirements for off-road riding – better grip and control feedback while offering best-in-class protection. The glove is constructed using perforated stretch textile material on the back and perforated microfiber Amara suede on the palm. The knuckles come with Sas-Tec™ CE level 2 rated Viscoelastic armour. The palms come with SuperFabric™ EVA reinforced panels. The index and middle fingers have silicone accents and index finger tips are touch screen sensitive.

Please note: The Roost gloves are meant to be used while riding off-road


The Sas-Tec Level 2 rated Viscoelastic knuckle armour
enhances the comfort of the Roost gloves while keeping the protection level high.
The fingers of the Roost gloves are pre-curved to ensure best possible fit and comfort. The
special stretch textile fabric used in the Roost gloves enhances comfort
on the tough rides off-road.

Grip and Feedback:
Strategically positioned Silicone accents extend all the way from
the upper palm to the fingertips on both the index and middle fingers.
This greatly improves the grip and feedback from the levers as well as the throttle
which are crucial in off-road & enduro riding.

The Roost gloves use the special micro perforated stretch textile fabric on the back hand and in the finger
forchettes. This enhances airflow and sweat wicking to give you the maximum breathability during off-road
rides. In addition, the microfibre Amara suede material used on the pals and fingers have perforations which further
increases the breathability of the Roost gloves.

Light weight and non-restrictive Sas-Tec CE level 2 rated Viscoelastic knuckle armour provide best in class impact protection. The
entire palm area is constructed using the perforated microfibre Amara suede which offers high abrasion resistance. Additionally, the bottom
palm area is reinforced with double-stitched SuperFabric inserts with EVA padding which offers high abrasion resistance and impact protection.
EVA padding on the outside of the pinky finger offers additional impact protection.

Since offroad gloves are subject to extreme use, we have ensured longevity by giving finger
tip overlays and double stitching on all high stress points to ensure the Roost gloves give
you the best possible service.

Cuff Pull: 
Special fabric double stitched strategically into the cuff provides a leverage point to easily put
on the gloves so you don't need to
wiggle and squeeze your way in every time you need to put on the gloves.
It makes the process of putting on the gloves very intuitive.

Touch Screen Friendly:
Special conductive panels on the index finger allow the usage of tough sensitive
mobile devices. This comes in handy to navigate your way through trails, to
capture special moments to share or even calling someone in case of emergency.

Things to remember

  • These gloves are meant to be used in off-road conditions and do not offer the same level of protection on-road protection as our street gloves.
  • By nature off-road riding is more strenuous on the gloves due to higher movement and impact on the hands. While we have taken steps to improve durability, depending on use the gloves will wear out faster than traditional leather gloves. This is because the gloves are made using textile material to offer greater grip, feedback and comfort. The wear is entirely dependent upon individual use and will not be covered under the warranty policy.
  • SasTec™ armour will bend naturally to the shape of your knuckle give it a few hours of use to mold to the natural shape of your knuckle and feel much less restricted.
  • Since the gloves are used off-road, depending on use they will get dirty. Cleaning the gloves after each session is advisable.
  • Fit and comfort are subjective matters and will vary from person to person. We recommend trying out the gloves before finalizing the purchase.
  • As these are textile gloves, the Velcro closure could cause pilling under usage. This is part of regular wear and tear.

Care Instructions

  • Clean the outside of the gloves using a cloth as soon as you are able to after your off-road session, this will make any stains easier to remove. Leaving the gloves un-clean over a longer period of time makes stains tougher to remove.
  • Do not wash the gloves in a washing machine.
  • Do not use any detergents, fabric stain removers, bleach or any chemicals for cleaning.
  • If there are stains which you are not able to remove using a damp cloth, use a soft bristled brush soaked in a mild pH neutral soap and rinse off using cold water. Please note that using the brush could lead to piling which will not be covered under warranty.
  • Drip dry the gloves after cleaning in a ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Do not wring the gloves.
  • The fabric is quite efficient at sweat wicking. To counter any odour, use a mild glove deodorizer to spray inside the gloves and place them in a dark, well-ventilated space ready to be used for the next off-road session.