Polisport ProOctane Fuel Can 20L

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Now, carry all the fuel you need on your adventure, safely and securely !

Product Description

Now, carry all the fuel you need on your adventure, safely and securely! The Polisport ProOctane is much more than a regular utility can. The can features highly durable and resistant walls and also includes a leak-proof cap for transport. It has a two-handle design to make the filling process easy and effortless.

Because of its smaller footprint, the Pro Octane utility can is capable of squeezing into smaller areas than the typical plastic fuel can. The Pro Octane utility can’s spout and cap seal are much more durable than those other fuel cans. The cap also has a Oil/Fuel mix gauge that you can spin to indicate exactly what is in the can. The choices are “no oil” and six different pre-mix ratios. Embossed on one corner of the fuel can are gallon marks to let you know how much gas is in the can. There is a plastic pre-mix bottle that plugs into a recess in the fuel can, allowing you to carry pre-mix oil in a separate 0.25L bottle.

Also included with the can is the Filling Hose, that will make the re-filling process easy, with a fluid stream of fuel.


Portable fuel container
Highly durable and leak-proof cap and walls
Ergonomically designed handle for transport
Complies with ADR standards

Additional Information

Polisport Off-Road – ProOctane



Source: Polisport

Product Specifications

Material: Plastic
Color: Red
Capacity: 10L & 20L options available separately
Weight: 1.64kg

What’s in the box?

ProOctane Fuel Can x 1
Polisport Oil Mixer Bottle x 1
Transportation Cap x 1
Fill Hose with Cap x 1