Desert Fox Overland Fuel Cell – 6L

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Peace of mind to just keep riding!

Product Description

Adventure touring often leads you down the path less taken. And while travelling to these remote regions is truly rewarding, you often find yourself far away from modern conveniences like petrol stations! The usual solution to this is to carry a jerry can with fuel along with you. But jerry cans take up valuable space and, when empty, become a liability.

Thankfully there is an alternative! Now you can easily extend your traveling range without having to fit an expensive long range touring tank. Available in 3L and 6L derivatives, the Desert Fox fuel cells can easily be folded or rolled up when empty, saving weight and space.

Designed for enduro riders and adventure tourers riders, the Overland 6L Fuel Cell is the ideal medium to carry extra fuel. Its suitable for the top of panniers, top boxes or wherever space is at a premium. Strong, lightweight and easy to store: simply fold or roll when emptied enabling storage in small confined areas, leaving you with more space when it is needed most.

The fuel cell itself is made from fuel safe material, and is housed within a durable ballistic nylon outer cover. The cell can be used for water as well, provided it hasn’t been used for fuel before that.

The outer cover features D-rings and molle webbing to help to tie it down using straps or bungee cords. It also comes with two integrated straps for tying it down. It has an in-built pouch for carrying the included fuel spout.


6L Fuel Safe Bladder
Durable Ballistic Nylon Cover with cinch straps
D-Rings & Molle Webbing to tie down the fuel cell

Product Specifications

Capacity: 6L
Dimensions: 400mm x 350mm
Weight (Empty): 400gm

What’s in the box?

Overland 6L Fuel Cell (Fuel Bladder contained in Ballistic Nylon Cover) x 1