Viaterra Quick Release Bungee Tie Downs

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The ViaTerra Quick Release Bungee Tie Downs are the best aftermarket straps in the market as they bring together the toughness of webbing with the stretch of bungee and the ease of side release buckles!


  • Flat bungee provides constant tension, while the webbing provides adjustable length and the side release buckles make it easy to adjust and use
  • Wider 25mm flat bungee & webbing also minimize pressure on load by spreading over a wider contact patch
  • Both webbing ends have loop connection points for ease of use
  • The rubber in the flat bungee is protected from the elements with a woven polyester sheath
  • Reflective thread woven into the polyester sheath give improved visibility in low light conditions
  • Rugged quick-release buckles
  • No steel hooks means no scratches while the controllable recoil ensures your safety
  • Confidently secure 20kg in all weather conditions.
  • Sold as a pair

Designed for:

  • Universal fit


  • Attach to any fixed part of motorcycle frame, engage the buckle, cinch and go.
  • Once the tie down is joined together and tightened, the elasticated section provides the tension ensuring that your gear is securely held.
  • To disengage, ease the tension from the buckle & release.


  • Dimensions
  • Weight  kg 
  • Polyester sheathed flat bungee
  • Tough, tear-resistant webbing used all through
  • Fittings manufactured from virgin plastics rather than recycled plastics for optimized & long lasting performance


  • Quick Release Bungee Tie Down Straps – 1 pair


  • We offer a 6 months warranty against material or workmanship defects. Please read our warranty policy for more details.


  • ViaTerra products are built to last and we would love for you to use them for a really long time. In case of an unfortunate fall or incident (like a rat chewing a corner – yes, it happened!), we are happy to repair/ replace the damaged parts at a reasonable charge. Click here to learn more about our repair support.