Viaterra Fender Glove - Orange

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Note: These are street gloves from Viaterra which we believe will do very well for off-road riding as well.

Tame the city streets with the Fender Daily Use Motorcycle Gloves, designed to offer optimal comfort for your everyday office commute.

Here's what makes the Fender your perfect commute companion:

  • Breathable Mesh: Perforated stretch textile and mesh material on the back of the hand ensure excellent airflow and breathability, keeping you sweat free even in start-stop commute traffic.
  • Comfortable grip: Soft and supple micro suede provides a comfortable grip and enhanced control, making handling your motorcycle through narrow streets & heavy traffic a breeze.
  • Protective Knuckles: Hard plastic protectors with soft EVA padding offer vital impact protection for your knuckles without compromising comfort or flexibility.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Index and thumb finger tips are touchscreen sensitive, allowing you to stay connected without removing your gloves.
  • Sleek and Stylish: The Fender gloves boast a modern and understated design that complements any riding outfit, making you look as good as you feel.

The Fender Daily Use Motorcycle Gloves are the perfect choice for riders who demand both comfort and style. Order yours today for the daily commute!

Palm protection

A secondary layer with EVA padding provides slide protection on the palm.

Knuckle protection

The hard plastic knuckle armour with the underlying EVA padding provides abrasion & impact protection for the Fender gloves while keeping you comfortable.

Excellent Ventilation & Breathability

The Fender gloves use a special perforated textile & mesh material on the back of the hand and in the finger forchettes. This enhances airflow and sweat wicking to give you maximum breathability during long commutes. In addition, the micro suede material on the palms and fingers further increases the breathability of the gloves in hot, humid conditions.

Touch screen friendly

Special conductive panels on the index & thumb finger tips allow usage of mobile devices - comes in handy when you are navigating the urban jungle, especially if calling someone in an emergency - without having to remove your gloves!

Optimum comfort & fit for daily use

The fingers on the Fender gloves are pre-curved to ensure proper fit and comfort. The special stretch textile & mesh fabric used in the gloves ensures comfort during the urban commute.


1. Constructed using perforated stretch textile & mesh material on the back and micro suede on the palm to improve dexterity and comfort. 

2. The knuckles are protected by hard plastic protectors with EVA padding. 

3. The index and thumb finger tips are touch screen sensitive.