Viaterra B100 Rain Jacket

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The B100 rain jacket is our entry level rain jacket designed to keep you dry during the rainy rides. No more worrying about getting soaked or caught off guard by unpredictable weather conditions. Introducing ViaTerra's latest offering, the B100 Rain jacket. Crafted from a durable and water-resistant PU laminated polyester fabric, ensures that you stay dry and comfortable even during torrential downpours. The B100 features a sleek and ergonomic design. Pre-curved arms for a snugger fit over motorcycle jackets keeping in mind the riding posture, pre-curved arms and much more.

What's included with the product?

1 B100 Rain Jacket

How to Measure Size for Rain Jacket:

Each brand has its own unique sizing, so we strongly suggest comparing your measurements with our sizing chart to arrive at the suitable size. We have given both the body measurements as well as the garment measurements for each size for your easy reference. 

If you intend to wear the rainwear for regular non-riding use (over everyday clothes), please measure your body & compare the same with our sizing chart. 

If you intend to wear the rainwear over your riding gear, we recommend measuring yourself with the riding gear on & compare the measurements with our sizing chart.


Please ensure there is an additional ease of at least 6-10 cm, i.e. the rainwear allows you adequate space & is not tight fitting. 

You can check this by wearing the rainwear and stretching your arms out in the riding position to confirm there is no noticeable pulling at the shoulders and the torso area. 

Tight fitting rainwear could lead to faster wear and tear.


PU laminated polyester fabric rated for 10000mm water column pressure 

YKKTM Aquaguard zipper 

Weight ~200 gms

Care and Storage:


For dirt and stains, wipe clean with a damp cloth and lukewarm water (DO NOT USE HOT WATER) DO NOT allow your rainwear to come in contact with solvents (do not use fabric softener!), fuel, or cleaning agents. DO NOT use any kind of CHEMICAL or ALCOHOL-BASED product. Do not place your rainwear near, or come in contact with a direct heat source Dry the rainwear on a hanger away from direct sunlight where there is good ventilation. Zippers need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly - you can use Vaseline or candle wax 


Make sure your rainwear is completely dry before you store it on a hanger. If stored wet or in a non-ventilated area as it allows mildew to grow on the fabric causing discoloration and damage