Oxford Fuel Flask 1.5L

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Product Description

Packing an emergency Fuel Flask means you'll never run out of fuel again and be left facing a long walk to the nearest garage.

This leak-proof flask, available in 1L or 1.5L capacities, stores fuel safely and can be attached securely to your bike using Oxford's Bottle Stash.

Key Features
• Reliable leakproof seal
• Body made from lightweight aluminium
• Tough and durable construction
• Polymer (POM) Screw Cap
• Rubber O-Ring
• Fuel capacity: 1.275L
• Weight: 0.28kg
• Attach securely to your motorcycle with the Oxford Bottle Stash (OX837)

• Ensure the product and contents are securely fixed before every use
• Use as fuel can only
• Not for human consumption fluids