Barkbusters Bar End Weights

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A simple add-on to the Barkbusters Handguards that helps to reduce vibration in the handlebars

Product Description

Barkbusters brings you the Bar End Weights. These weights fit on to the bar end side of most Barkbusters mounts, and are designed to reduce vibration in the bars. They add approximately 180g on each side, and this added weight means that there will be a slight improvement in the steering as well

Required Accessories

This product is designed to be used along with Barkbusters Handguards with bar end mounts

Product Specifications

Color: Black
Weight: 180g per side

What’s in the box?

Bar End Weights x 2
Mounting Hardware
Mounting Instructions

Compatibility Warning

Please take note of the following compatibility warnings –

Handguard Fitting Notes
BHG-010 Requires two additional M6x40mm countersunk bolts
BHG-032 R1200GS/A requires two additional M8x55mm countersunk bolts
BHG-045 G650GS requires two additional M6x65mm
BHG-047 800XC and 1200 Explorer use original M6x45mm bolt from bike
BHG-050 Will Not fit
BHG-051 Requires two additional M6x50mm countersunk bolts
BHG-059 Tiger XC, XCA & XCX (all ’15 on) use M6x45mm bolt from BHG-059 kit